About Us

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Owner & Lead Scooper

Victoria Zahn

I am a US Army Veteran with a Bachelor’s in Agriculture Science and a Masters Degree in HR Management. I am originally from Central New York State, not NYC.

When we launched Lulu’s DooDoo Crew we had 3 dogs in our family. Pablo, Apollo, and Lulu. They were the center of our world, but they pooped (a lot), and someone had to clean it up. It is a time consuming, but important part of having dogs.

My train of thought was, if I have to do it, there must be other people out there that do too. That’s when the research began. Deep diving and looking into the pet-waste service industry, seeing what others do and how to do the work. Exploring best practices, and ease of beginning a pet-waste service myself.

Why dog poop and why my own business? I have always strived to do my best with anything I’ve done. The only thing is, I have always done them for someone else. I wanted an opportunity to show what I can do for myself, by serving others. I love dogs, I would rescue them all and clean up after them too. I believe, Lulu’s DooDoo Crew, is my way to give back to the dogs and the humans that love them.

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Chief Executive Officer

LuLu Belle Zahn

LuLu is the inspiration behind the business. She loves her toys, playing outside, hiking, but most of all loves her Blankies!

When she isn’t barking at the neighbors or the mail person, she can be found contently sucking on her blanket or napping in the sun. She works from our home office most days but does come out to visit on occasion.

LuLu is a purebred Doberman, but she has floppy ears. She has identical siblings that reside in Illinois, New York, and Florida.

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